Concord class outline

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How to use Concord effectively

Concord is the Bible study software from the Christian Science church.

You can use it just like you would use the printed concordances, only better.

A new version should be coming out in late 2008

Differences between concord and concordances

  • multiword searches
  • fuzzy searches

Know your tools

  • language (thee, kine)
  • grammar
  • ideas

You can use Concord in two ways:

  • looking for something you already know is there
"where is it?"
  • looking for something you don't already know
"is there such a thing as this?"

How wide is your net?

  • exact match or fuzzy match
    • what kind of fuzzy match?
      • Stemming: the difference between "love" "love*" and "lov*"
      • natural language
      • quotes: the difference between "what is man" and what is man

What else can it do?

  • list of marginal heads
  • list of Bible quotations used by MBE
  • play snippets of hymns
  • a simple word processor
  • cut and paste passages to other programs