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Vietnamese barn

Want to get a good flavor for our town? I used to dedicate this space to explaining the wonders of Portland, Oregon and pointing to articles that capture some of its glory. But honestly, it was a failure. Well, now a great burden has been lifted and I only have to point to Portlandia and nod knowingly. If I want to go far beyond the call of duty, I could try to rank the Portlandia episodes in order of greatest culture bearing, but really, any random episode is a fairly complete education. Start here: Adult hide-and-seek league.

It has been a couple of years that we have been living the mild-mannered lives of settled suburban consumers, but don't forget about our hair-raising trip around the world. *We* won't.

And then there are the pictures from the Harlan's trip around the Pacific.

Let's see, what else do we have in this random assortment of links? We have a Cookbook with our favorite recipes and restaurants, and a graph of the system temperatures. There is an intermediate Sudoku solver and an intermediate Monster Sudoku solver.

Julie has been pulling together a list of all the plants in our old garden, many of them Oregon natives.

You can also check to see if our heater is on because I'm developing my telemetry skillz.