Canada goslings

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from blog April 28, 2006

Today was my first siting of Canada geese goslings of the season. There were about 5 toddling around in the grass near the bike trail. I’m glad the increase in stray cats hasn’t driven them out yet.

The osprey were out and about as usual. There has been plenty of action up in that nest. I wonder when I’ll see chicks up there. A few days ago, I actually captured the call of the osprey in the nest as another osprey was flying over the nest: osprey call.

The leaves have filled in enough to obscure the houseboats in the river now. And the sunny afternoons are making me drink a lot more on the ride home.

Oh, and I have to mention that the danger of being hit in traffic goes way up when there is a train passing through town. I waited for a long train to cross Division the other day. When it finally was past, I headed up my usual route through Ladd’s Addition. It seemed like a bunch of people were trying to zip through the back streets to dodge the train and two of them nearly hit me.