Bald eagle sighting

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from blog February 7, 2006

I’ve decided that bicycle commute season goes from March 1 to October 15. So I’m a few days ahead of schedule, but I just had to take the bike this morning. There was a dramatic shift from rainy to sunny last weekend. However, it was only 1 degree above freezing for the ride, with lots of frost on the railroad ties and on the roofs of the houses that actually have some insulation (not too many of them). I tried out my new neoprene gloves (the fingers are too short) and pulled my neckwarmer up over my chin and ears. I could have used a third layer on my chest, but it was pretty comfortable otherwise.

It was down by the river, just south of the Ross Island Bridge that I saw the eagle. If another cyclist hadn’t been stopped to look up, I would have missed him. He was sitting in a tree on right side of the trail, so it was easy to see him with my back to the sun on the left side of the trail. He looked enormous, maybe three or four feet tall. But I didn’t have my camera…

I also forgot my street shoes for work. I need to get back into the rhythm.