Antennas for digital tv

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This looks like an awesome project for my unused HDHomeRun. It is from Ed on the pdxlinux mailing list.

quoting pdxlinux mailing list

I am ashamed of all of you! You run Linux but have no sense of adventure. Build your own antenna!! No doubt you have a few scraps of copper wire (or metal clothes hangers) etc laying around. This project will also allow you to experiment with the design for optimal reception in you area.

I am 11-13 miles from PDX towers, on the Vancouver side. I can pick up ALL PDX channels crystal clear with this two designs:

Koch fractal (UHF/VHF, can be extended to higher order fractals) : and a nifty artsy application of this design:

bow tie (UHF/VHF): pdf:

See also: (UHF GPLv3 designs)

Enjoy! -Ed