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I got my Arduino and was able to set it up under Windows, but not under Ubuntu! How embarrassing. But not only that, I think I'm stuck until the release of Hardy Heron before I can make it work.

Apparently the regular packages for the Arduino developer environment were built with a 32-bit assumption. So there is a workaround for 64-bit machines, but it requires a package called librxtx-java that has dependencies that are unfulfilled on Dapper Drake. I could try upgrading a few bits of Dapper to allow librxtx-java to work, but I'm betting the chances of that going well are slim.

I could also jump off of the long term support wagon and upgrade from Dapper to Gutsy or Feisty. But it isn't that much longer to wait for Hardy and I really don't want that much disruption on my server if I can avoid it.