1983 Mercedes maintenance

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1983 Mercedes Diesel Wagon 300TD-T 5-cylinder history

  • 3.0 litre
  • Chassis: 123.193
  • Engine number: 617.952

November, 2006 MBI

  • adjusted transmission (to extend life)
  • fix heater blower button
  • fix door locks
  • new starter
  • replace rear wiper gasket
  • tried to fix leak in back door (still fills with water)

December, 2006 Jiffy Lube

  • oil change
  • new radiator cap
  • change fluid in rear differential

December, 2006 MBI

  • adjust headlights
  • stop back door from filling up, rear drains both sides
  • fix rear wiper (new motor?) [postponed until leak is confirmed fixed]
  • connect front windshield washers, fix tank, replace grommets, replace hose from pump to valve

October, 2007 MBI

  • replace thermostat (was overheating)
  • replace oil filter housing (fix leak)
  • oil change
  • tune up

April, 2008 MBI

  • roaring noise at 30-60mph
it was the front wheel bearings. Repacked and greased.
  • blowing heater fuses all the time
cleaned connections.
  • rear wiper isn't working
rivets had popped. Drilled new holes and secured wiper motor.
  • trim missing on passenger door
installed used molding.

October, 2008 MBI

  • new brake pads (with warning indicators)
  • fix driver window switch
  • AC recharge
  • oil change
  • door trim installed
  • AC aux fan fuse fixed

October, 2009 MBI

  • oil leak
    • found and fixed oil leak near air filter
    • replaced dirty air filter
    • found and fixed fuel leak at fuel filter (fuel filter was not tight enough)
  • vibration noise
    • found and fixed vibration noise due to loose air filter
  • broken backup light
    • fixed backup lens and light
  • found missing rear axle boot
    • replacing rear axle
  • found brakes at 10%
    • replacing brakes
  • found exhaust manifold leak. It would cost $700 to fix. Not fixing.

October, 2009 Les Schwabb

  • four new tires
P195/70R-14 90S Eclipse All season blackwall x4

October, 2009

  • new battery

December, 2009

  • hard to start when cold
  • glow plug light doesn't always come on when starting
  • blows lots of smoke when it finally starts
  • probably will use this procedure from Diesel Giant


  • ordered 4 glow plugs and a relay from partsgeek.com for $103

January, 2010

  • now it won't start
  • found a loose connection to one of the glow plugs, tightened it
  • replaced glow plug relay, still won't start
  • ordered air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, one more glow plug, windshield fluid
  • replaced both fuel filters and air filter, still won't start
  • replaced all five glow plugs, found 3 were bad, still won't start
  • found the new glow plug relay fuse had shorted, put the old relay back in, now it starts
  • removed hood insulation so it doesn't fall down and impact accelerator linkages
  • heater hose failed near number 5 glow plug and dumped all coolant
  • ordered a new hose from MBI

January, 2010

  • oil change

September, 2010 MBI

  • fixed engine overheat problem
    • new water pump
    • new regulator
    • replace belts
    • reseal oil leaks
    • new oil pan
    • replace alternator voltage regulator
    • reseal dipstick tube
    • replace front timing chain rail pin
    • reseal turbo return tube

Total of $1898

October, 2010

  • driver-side headlight out
  • replaced bulb and cleaned corroded connection

the connection still does not seem solid. I might have to replace the connector

August, 2011

  • John and Sam put new brake pads and rotors in front
    • Napa part 4885940 front rotor $36.98 x2
    • Napa part D311 P brake pads $59.69
    • Napa part 1385 oil filter $7.24
  • new fuel filter
  • new window and interior light fuses

August, 2011

  • driver's door window regulator has two sheered pins, window won't operate
  • I removed the regulator and tried to disassemble and repair, but it looks like I'll need to replace it
  • a new part is $297 from AutoHaus and $98 from Parts geek or $438 for an original Mercedes replacement part.

July, 2013

  • air conditioning is less effective than normal
  • took it to MBI Motors and had this work done:
    • found AC compressor has two of three bolts sheered off
    • wiring and fuse fixes to allow troubleshooting of AC
    • new compressor and coolant would be about $1500
    • decided to disable AC for $106

October, 2013

  • front passenger window won't operate
    • checking switches first, we spill a lot on those switches
    • disassembled and cleaned. satisfying, but didn't fix anything.
    • further details here: Mercedes_power_window_repair

Notes and Part Numbers

oil change procedure

  • Oil capacity: 8 quarts
  • Oil grade: 15W40 Delo 400
  • 2 13mm bolts hold the oil filter cover
  • drain plug is 13mm
  • a little glue to hold the gasket helps hold it in place while lining up the filter

Mercedes-drain.jpg Mercedes-filter.jpg Mercedes-filter-cover.jpg Mercedes-filter-open.jpg Mercedes-oil.jpg

replacement bulbs

Osram/Sylvania Light Bulb
1979-1987 Mercedes Benz 300TD
12V - 10w - Tail & Clearance Lamps.
Osram/Sylvania Light Bulb
1979-1987 Mercedes Benz 300TD
12V - 21w - Blinker, Stoplight & Backup Light. Nickel base
Halogen headlight
High and low beam

replacing fuses


tire size

P195/70R14 90S

fuel filters

There are two filters, primary and secondary.

  • The primary is the smaller, in-line plastic filter.
  • The secondary is the larger, metal filter that looks a lot like an oil filter.

These need to be changed regularly when running on bio-diesel or else power is significantly reduced.

dashboard indicator light

This warning light was puzzling, so I had to look it up in an owner's manual: Brakepads.png